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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Ex Back

I get a lot of emails from people wondering if they should get back with their ex. They at times feel confused about what they should do or how they should go about it. Some are sitting around analyzing every move their ex makes. They will stalk their twitter, facebook, and every person they think he or she may be dealing with romantically. Some of them are trying to move on, but in the back of their minds they are just waiting for an opportunity to get back with their ex. The thing is, most of them have no business trying to entertain getting back with their ex. 

The relationship wasn’t what they want to believe it was and their minds are clouded by so many things. Don’t get me wrong, some situations I think have plenty of necessary hope and would be a good thing if it happens. People just need to be more honest with themselves and properly evaluate if getting back together is truly what’s best. So here are three things to be mindful of when trying to accept that you should not get back with your ex.

1. Your Ex Doesn’t Respect You or The Relationship

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Many people have been in or are in relationships where the person shows blatant disrespect. Not a mistake here and there, just a consistent disregard for you and this relationship. So when that person fortunately becomes your ex, what is there really to consider. If they didn’t respect you while in the relationship, why would they change when you keep allowing them to come back? There are plenty of things people can work through, but without respect you really have no relationship to begin with.

 2. The Issues With Your Ex Have Not Been Properly Addressed

Saying “I’m Sorry” does not address the issue. Simply stating “Ok I won’t do that again” doesn’t do much in making sure the issue doesn’t come back up. If you two can’t sit down and get to the bottom of why the issue is happening in the first place then don’t expect for it to go away. Proper communication is necessary to overcome any issue. Without it you can’t really expect for things to change and improve. It is possible that by having this discussion you may come to realize that there is nothing you can do or are willing to do, and therefore parting ways is truly best. One way or another taking your ex back without properly addressing the issues is just a set up for more disappointment and frustration.

 3. You are Not In Love With Your Ex, You’re Just Attached

The reality is nobody likes to be wrong. Nobody likes to feel like all the time and energy you invested was just a waste. We want to feel validated in the feelings we thought we had for this person and that is hard to do when we are faced with the relationship being over. So many times our desire to take that ex back isn’t because we are really “in love” with them. It is simply our way of holding on to the hope that we didn’t get this wrong. That we didn’t just fight all this time to get and keep this relationship when in reality that person was never meant for us to begin with.

Fear is motivating us more than love. In some cases it’s just lust that reels us back in. I could name a few more reasons but at the end of the day none of them are truly about love. We just use that label to validate our actions. So if you are not truly in love, then why bother taking them back. You are only setting yourself up for you or them to leave again.

Some people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone, but that does not always mean they are supposed to get it back. Your ex is an ex for a reason. Taking the time to truly understand those reasons will make it clearer if you should entertain getting back with them. Stop getting caught up in what you think you want and focus on what you really need. Regardless of what you decide to do forgiveness will still be needed. Because without forgiveness which allows for you to heal, your next significant other will simply become your next ex.

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Sperm-Jackers: The 5 Types

Beware the sperm-jacker. She’s out there, and she’s waiting for you.
She’s all about getting pregnant and not about being into you. You’ll need to know what the chances are that they’re going to wreck your life by demanding your daddy dedication. Avoid this testicular thief as much as possible; but, in the case that your sperm finds that egg, man up and let the mother know that you’ll do what needs to be done as far as taking care of your offspring drama-free. Be prepared to draw the line regarding your involvement and your connection to her crazy ass. 

1- The Lesbian
She doesn’t like men. No, sir. She’s into women. However, somewhere along the way, the Lesbian realized that while she won’t want you, she’ll need you — or at least your sperm. She may come out directly and ask for your contribution via fertilization or the old-fashioned way.
What are your levels of daddy expectation and commitment? Low, if any at all. The Lesbian will be more likely to agree to some visitation, however, most likely, she won’t want you in the picture at all — not to raise the kid and definitely not for her and her girlfriend (put your fantasies away).

2- The Girl Running Out of Time
She’s a dangerous one because the Girl Running Out Of Time is looking for the “just-add-water” family. Bed you, sperm-jack you and then start picking out the house, the fence and baby names. The relationship train has passed her lots of times and she is looking to derail the next locomotive coming by.
What are your levels of daddy expectation and commitment? High, because this girl wants the full family experience. Tonight it’ll be a hot date with no need for condoms. Tomorrow it’ll be her big stomach and her low sex drive.

3- The Trapster
The next type of sperm-jacker is the Trapster. She is out to get you and her web is a nine-pound, seven-ounce ambush. You probably know this girl from back in the day and moved on for whatever reason, but she’s still stuck on you. The Trapster still wants you and she’ll flirt and seduce just to get your sperm. Sperm-jacked = baby, and baby = you trapped forever.
What are your levels of daddy expectation and commitment? Ultra dangerously high. This girl will want you around — but not just as a father figure (which would be the right thing to do) but as her husband forever (which you should avoid at all cost).

4- Miss Lonely
With no relationships to speak of, Miss Lonely is looking for someone to cling to. She’s easy to notice as she’s awkward and a general social leper. However, she’s female and it won’t take much if she throws her vagina on you. One night, she may be the Damn-It-Girl (after all the other women go home, you look at her and say: “Damn it, girl, let’s go!”).
What are your levels of daddy expectation and commitment? Unpredictable, as she’s a nut job and socially inept. She may want you around forever or may not be able to handle a relationship. Be ready to focus solely on the baby.

5- Miss Independent
The last in our list of different types of sperm-jackers is Miss Independent. There’s always the one woman who hates men. She’s not a lesbian, she’s just angry. Her life is full of what a man can’t do for her. However, at the end of her day, she’s wanting that little one to fulfill a need deep down inside. That’s where you come in with your sperm. What are your levels of daddy expectation and commitment? None, as she will constantly remind you that she doesn’t want or need a man. Be a man and do your best to be a dad even though Miss Independent thinks she can be one too.

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How Men Think In Relationships Pt.#1


@ THE ANNUAL MAN MEETING WE FINALLY CAME TO SOME SORT OF agreement on what our rules are… and what life is like for us in a relationship with women! These are number #1 on PURPOSE!

1. Men are not mind readers.

1. LEARN TO WORK THE TOILET SEAT. YOU’RE A BIG GIRL.  If it’s up, put it down, We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down


1. We don’t give a shit if your girlfriends don’t like us.

1. WE DONT SEE THE NECESSITY FOR US TO GO TO THE STORE FOR YOU TO BUY YOUR TAMPONS.  You knew you didn’t have enough. This happens to you every month. How hard could it be to remember? Be responsible.

1. CRYING IS BLACKMAIL & we dn’t  believe you.

1. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints DO NOT WORK! Strong hints DO NOT WORK! Obvious hints DO NOT WORK! JUST SAY IT!!



1.Anything we said 6 month ago is INADMISSIBLE IN AN ARGUMENT. In fact, ALL COMMENTS become NULL AND VOID AFTER 7 DAYS.


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NO Black Love on Google


Today I became extremely discouraged after searching “couples in bed” on Google, when all that popped up were white couples (not that I have ANY problem with those), I searched: Black Couples In Bed, WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. Things that proceeded to come up:

  • Orgies
  • Sex (not the nice looking…

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Q & A: Amazingly Kinky Freak

Dear Ask a Man,
I recently had an amazingly kinky & freaky sexual encounter with a man that I really didn’t know that well but was very sexually attracted to. I did things that I’ve never done before. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror for a good 24 hours. I’m not sure how to feel about him not calling me for a few days after our sex session. I feel like I deserve at least a phone call! Am I wrong or missing something here?
Please help!
Dear Amazingly Kinky Freak,
You’re not doing any man ANY favors by having sex with him. You are not just sexing him because he wants to sex you. You’re doing it because YOU want to do it! You found someone that made you comfortable enough to do whatever nasty things you ENJOYED doing and or having done to you. Stop acting and or feeling like a man OWES you something AFTER the fact. Licking a man’s ass, letting him sex you in the ass, or swallowing his semen does not obligate him to call you back! You can’t negotiate the terms of the “relationship” with your vagina! You can’t even use them to renegotiate the terms of the deal! So, from now on don’t ever try to do it again.
You don’t know why he didn’t call, and I assume you didn’t call him either. He could actually have a woman in his life that is a bigger priority than you; he could be tied up with work or school. You have no way to know so it’s pointless to fill in the blanks about what he may or may not be thinking or how he may or may not be acting. I think you should have done a better job of taking into consideration what your mental and emotional state would be after such an experience with someone that you knew you didn’t know that well.

Best of luck

Feel fee to send your questions or short stories to:

Facebook: Marcua AskaManz Graham

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STRANGEST SEXUAL EXPERIENCES Pt.2……………………….. A Collection of Strange Sexual Encounters Had By Anonymous Men & Women



The Oral Fixation


I had a chick with an oral fixation and couldn’t get enough of my dick in her mouth. I told her that I’ve never cum off head and she took it as a challenge She sucked 3 nuts out of me back to back to back without taking her mouth off me. I couldn’t even lift my arms up when she was done. Bitch sucked the life force out of me. She didn’t care where we were or who was around when she wanted it. She’d even go to sleep at night with my dick in her mouth so she could wake up sucking it.

Her head game was incredible…she  would sucked my dick so good one time… I damn near packed my clothes up in sandwich bags and moved in with her. It got to the point she would call and the music would stop…I knew it was time… Eventually I got tired of the shit. That saying too much of a good thing is true. I miss her ass now tho. I haven’t found another one like her yet.

Feel fee to send your questions or short stories to:



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These question are for the LADIES…. but I welcome the fellas feedback on the situation. 

#1 If you discovered you were cheated on by your significant other do you forgive them & stay in the relationship & if so would you require a “make up” period where you would feel the need to get a retaliation sex session/ cheat in? 

#2 If you feel the need to have a “retaliation”sex session with someone else….After discovering your significant other cheated on you what would be the benefit? 

#3 How could or would that make you feel any better? 

#4 What does that say about you, how you feel/ felt about your significant other & the status/ health of your relationship if you need to sex someone else to feel better about yourself so that you can continue in your relationship? 

#5 How does adding more confusion and another person to the situation make it any better?

#6 Wouldn’t it seem obvious to all parties that this was an individual you’ve wanted to be with/ sex or regarded as some sort of back up plan? 

#7 Do you actually go thru the motions of getting tested for sti’s/ std’s / stv’s or do you just do it & hope for the best w/ or w/o a condom?

#8 Is the possibility of you contracting a life long sti / std / stv and exposing your significant to it in the name of revenge & self esteem / self worth boosting worth the risk? ( lets not forget the POSSIBILITY of an unwanted pregnancy)

#9 Can you continue to be in a relationship with your significant other AFTER you’ve discovered that they sexed your best friend or family member (time frame doesn’t matte)?

Feel fee to send your questions to:



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STRANGEST SEXUAL EXPERIENCES Pt.1…… A Collection of Strange Sexual Encounters Had By Anonymous Men & Women



"My Girlfriend the Sex Coach"

My gf and I recently started having sex. I’m not sure the best way to explain it, so I’m going to just give you some examples of things she says during sex. “You’re doing great!” “Your technique and fundamentals are really good.” While going down on her: “Yes! Keep going! You can do it!” “Wow! That’s good. You must have been practicing!” Mind you, let me reiterate, these are things she is saying WHILE we are having sex. Yes, in the middle of the act, she keeps saying all these words of encouragement. What is she, my coach? I’m just so flabbergasted by this, I don’t even know what to say to her. She doesn’t even really talk dirty, she just will shout all these words of encouragement. I really have to dig deep in my mind for really dirty thoughts to stay in the mood because to me it is so ridiculous that I just want to burst out laughing sometimes.

                                         S & M  Jumpoff


About five years ago, I met this woman, and we talked for a few weeks over the phone, and eventually started fucking. 

When we’d have sex, she’d have this dazed, distant look in her eyes. I was, ‘The fuck is wrong with this bitch’. It was either after our third or fourth time having sex that I stopped and said…

'Hey, if I ain't doing it for you, let me know. My world won't fall apart.'

Her: No, no. You’re doing good. But … I just like things a little different. 

Me: Define ‘different’.

Her: Well … um . No, if I tell you, you’re going to think I’m crazy.

Me: Well, if we’re going to keep doing this, then you’re short changing your own self by not tellin’ me what you really like. 

Her: No … because this is too different. You’ll just look at me strange, and then I’ll feel strange, and it’ll ruin everything. We can just keep doing it the way you’ve been doing.

Me: Nah. I mean, now you got me curious. Look, I’m not some sheltered dude. I’ve heard a lot of shit in my day, so it’ll be really hard for you to say something that would shock me. Trust me on this. 

Her: You say that, but you don’t know what I have to tell you. 

Me: Come on! Shit! What, you like to fuck animals? ‘Cause, if that’s it, then well … I can’t really get down with that. 

Her: No!!!!  Nothing crazy like that! Ok, ok…

….I like to be punched in the stomach while I’m lying on my back. 

Me: …………… 

Her: See, you’re quiet!

Me: Nah, I’m just trying to figure out what you mean. Are you a masochist?

*Swear on everything Holy, when I asked that, that bitch eyes lit the fuck up*

Her: Yeah. I like to be punched REALLY hard. Most dudes bitch out. I’m looking for a real man. My ex-fiancee used to fuck my stomach up, but that’s the only way I can orgasm. 

Me: Oh. ooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We never fucked again. 


Fuck that. 

I know my laws. Sado-Masochistic shit can be prosecuted, even when it’s consensual. That bitch get mad at me, and decides to take me to court? Sorry. It ain’t worth it.


i was with a guy once…he got on all 4s…then bent his dick backwards and told me to suck it…. weird shit

close second would be a guy who made girl sex noises…”yahhh baybeeeee” “yahhhh uh huh uh huh yahhhhh yahhhhh”

both were very (well at least the appeared) alpha males

by far the weirdest would be a guy i met….we only talked on the phone for a few days…but he loved farts…..he said it turns him on….i thought it was a joke at first…but he kept asking me questions about farts….what makes me fart….then he would ask me what i ate that day…and if i farted or not and if i would fart for him……..


San Jose. 1989. Mother/daughter combo. I bust off in mom’s mouth. Mom goes mother bird feeding chicks with the daughter. You figure it out.

I’m banging this one chick from behind, and I lightly smack her ass and she says, "Hit me harder!" Me: (Ron White voice)"Aight!" So, I’m smacking the shit out of this broad, and she’s like, "HARDER!!!" Sweet! Well, I started unloading on her ass cheeks Tyson style, and she’s like "Hurt me!" Well, by that time, my fucking hands are tingling and going numb, and then she says, "Hit me with your fists!" I was hitting this broad’s ass cheeks so hard, my wrist started hurting. After I bust off in her mouth and on her face, she goes, "Well, that was different!” 



when I was 15, my boy had fucked this girl and said she refused to open her legs all the way. We went on a double date and she ended up eventually let me hit. My boy warned me, but she had huge tits and I was 15. I thought, he just don’t know what he is doing. Nope, same treatment. Legs open only enough to put it in and missionary only.

 She was supposed to be hooking me up with her cousin, so that’s why we all went out. I could sense that she liked me and when I called her cousin, she got on the phone and told me she liked me.. I asked my boy and he gave me the green light. He had only hit once and after I didn’t go back after that shit either.


Vampire fetish. She liked to wear costume fangs, bite me, and pretend she was immortal. By that, I mean let me fuck as hard as I could each and every time. It was weird but the whole thing was very much a turn on… at first. 

Bitch refused to remove the fangs during sessions which gets old after a few hookups. Obviously, she didnt suck dick and that’s a long-term killer for me so some other headless vampire slayer is probably beating them guts up now.
shorty i been fuckin for a few months invites me out to “talk”
after appetizers she says that our sex isn’t exciting enough
i say what do u need…..
she proceeds to list all the shit she needs to do to me to make our sex better…..
she wants to handcuff me, slap and cut me, 
and the coup de grace she wants to put a butt plug in my ass…
after i stop laughing i say how does me letting u imprison me and fuck me up make our sex better….
"see thats what wrong with black men. u all have these hang ups. u can’t b free to try new things"

check please

Chick kept saying “Make it hurt, please hurt it!” while I was hitting it from the back. This may have been the craziest chick I’ve ever been with…”Please do that thing when you leave your sneakers on. Dig me out like I’m a Chilean miner.” She wanted to be controlled…I think it was because she was a big time boss at her job, and she had like a hundred people under her, so all day she was calling the shots…when she got home…she took them all. 

She is in finance, so we were talking about some mining company she was collaborating with for work. Then the conversation turned from maximizing production to safety to the mine collapse in Chile. We were drinking the entire time, so we were pretty drunk when we started, and that alcohol really brings out the subconscious in some people.

Damn I miss her 


Met a white chick online…prolly Yahoo dating, back in the day. She came over, I started smashing, and right in the middle of it, she started crying and repeating She had to go home.. I shot a quick one and let her up and showed her to the door…

A one armed chick…don’t laff. GREAT puzzy!

I knew a chick who just liked to talk dirty on the phone…nonstop…

I got another white chick who likes to be abused and called nasty White ho…etc… bitch squirt like a mofo! She fucked up a hotel bed…

I had this babe I met online and the day I met her, she brought me a buncha movies…she came over late after work…I put a movie on and smashed…then next morning, she was giving me head and fell asleep with my dick in her mouth… A month later, I hit another chick from her office. 


Fucked an early 2nd trimester pregnant chick in Alabama who wanted to put my dick and nuts in her while she was riding me.

Fucked a chick from NOLA who was very religious, never cursed, until she got the night stick in her.
Saying shit like “fuck this juicy pussy”, “roll that big black dick in me”. I was like .
I turned into Joe Pesci from GoodFellas on her ass, saying shit like, “you mudderfucker you”, throw that pussy girl 


Chick I used to fuck with was on that dom/sub shit PLUS on some super bondage shit. 

So I go over her house Friday, fuck her good, make her squirt and all. Woke up the next morning did it again - the bitch blew me while I fucked her with a giant arm-sized dildo, she fingered her ass while I fucked her. Bust on her face (I love that shit) and all. 

I get a call the following night that her friend is coming over and wants me to join…

I get there and this 250 pound White broad, sloppy looking chick is there. I am not really into White broads, but definitely not fat White broads. 

They start the bondage shit like they are building the ropes and shit, shit took like an hour, mind you when I got there it was like 3am. They finally start with the bondage shit (a bondage corset) and I get old girl to blow me but I shoo her friend away (I don’t even want that broad near my dick - fat sloppy bitch). I watched sloppy do ole girl with a strap-on but was disgusted because of how she looked (I felt like Eddie Murphy when he was discussing Calhoun in Harlem Nights)

Without even busting I turn over and go to sleep. I can’t do sloppy White. Not gonna do it. Fucking White beached whales. Nope. IDK what’s wrong with you Black dudes who like them sloppy White whales. Even thinking of that shit kills my wood.


I was single and living in southern states for most of these events:

1)Met a chick online and the same night got an invite to come over and smash.  Being a youngin I roll over no questions asked. Smashing starts immediately, no drinks or small talk.  

Should have thought something was up. She’s alone in a big ass house, we only could fuck in one area of the bed, the computer is on across the room and she is more into looking at it than me. 

Half way through she tells me she is video chatting with her husband and he like when she gets fucked by guys when he’s outta town. She goes to the computer and flips to the video of him (big fat white dude). 

He smiles and waves at me. Not missing a beat she asks if I’ll fuck her ass.  Sure just change the screen so I don’t see him! - Pussy and ass was good got invited to fuck again but never smashed again

2)Again I’m a youngin, fucked a chick in my truck on a dirt road during our first meeting. 

Get finished and she asked why I didn’t hit her and why I didn’t come with a group of guys… Didn’t know it was that kind of party – Never smashed again too much of a hoe!

3)Fucked a freaky as chick for a while that could never stay wet (you can say it was me but the chick had a TON of lube in her house). 

Shit gets annoying when she wants to fuck for hours and you go through whole bottles of lube. - Time passed and lube is expensive so we stopped fucking after a few months

4)Fucked a chick that would bring over her girlfriends. We would drink, start messing around, next thing I know she would convince her friend to give me head with her. Shit was good! 

Next move was to the bedroom where she wouldn’t let them come in. They had the extra salty look on their face. 

She did this multiple time with multiple chicks. Yes a few returned with her a second time to just dome me up then sleep on the couch while I banged out their friend. – Would still bang her but we live in different states now!

5)Fucked a Hispanic chick who only wanted to fuck on her trampoline in her backyard. 

Shit was fun the first time but got old real quick. – Escaped that chick. She was getting to clingy 

6)Used to get head from the BIG TITTY chick… In my truck right outside her house almost every night. Said she had a dog that didn’t like guys (I didn’t give a fuck). Never smashed just would get dome till I nutted then she would swallow and get out. 

Anyway, her fantasy was to give me dome while I drank a slushy drink in my truck… So I got to have a drink and get domed up till I nutted no matter how long it took her.. Nice! - Chick started to do low budget porn… Had to break that off

7)Had a chick follow me home from the bar. She started crying immediately when she got to my apartment. Mind you she drove her own car its only 10pm and she’s not drunk. So, she could have not come or left at any time.  

She calms down we do some small talk and about 10 mins later she jumps on me starts grinding and taking cloths off… and fucking crying again. I’m like we don’t have to mess around we can just chill. She explains, “she is going to do this and wants to.” 

We end up fucking. Shit was weird. 10 mins of great fucking followed by 3 mins of sobbing. I had to stop and ask her if she was ok every time she started crying, she would say yes then back to more fucking. 

I fake nutted to end it. I felt sad after we fucked never had a chick crying while giving me head and fucking me. – Let that basket case go
Hitting this chick that was making too much damn noise, first I covered her mouth but that took too much work. So after getting frustrated I slapped the shit out of her and she Nutted all over the place, said it was the best nut she ever had…… I was like

strangest encounter for me would be messing with a goth chick…bitch was really into that s&m ..first it was just smacking her in face and choking her..things i hated doing because she was pale and my hand prints would show…she wanted me to damn near suplex her on my bed or my couch a couple times before i got to fucking her…one particular encounter when she was riding me she wanted me to hit her in the face…i wasn’t in the mood for doing that shit so i gave her light slaps..she got even madder and told me to punch her face and not hold back…i hit like a heavyweight champ so i flat out told her no…i didnt want my neighbors seeing her fucked up like that….she started saying to punch her over and over like  throughout the whole thing…then she shouted “PUNCH ME IN THE FUCKING FACE!!” then reached back and pinched my nutsack ..i saw red and i soulclapped her head..she fell off the bed and in the process bent my dick in the wrong direction…i was in agony and she was on the floor talking about her ears were ringing and was like “wow”…a mess


Had this fine ass beautiful red bone i was fucking off and on for months but things started getting more consistent….like 3 four times a week.pussy good than a muthafucka just had a sub par head game.we over her friend apartment on her knees slobbing the knob and looking up at me i tell her lets try something else cause I wasn’t feeling it.she said cool so we go to the kitchen table. tearing it only thing on my mind while she screaming is to crack this table in half.but while digging she say i want you to get on my chest and come in my face.i was like sure whatever.i get on her chest and i see some of the worst sex faces i ever seen. i mean her head back her mouth wide open her tongue all out and all these fillings in her teeth. shit just killed my vibe man. i’m jacking off like crazy trying to bust while she looking at me crazy again,like a excited desperate puppy saying ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh skeet in my face baby ahhhhh skeet in my face. i couldnt do it.those faces were killing me. we continued to fuck off and on but i never could skeet in her face.
Had a chick that would yell out “YES SIR, YES SIR” repeatedly. ……
Normally I wouldn’t have a problem w/ it, but she had previously told me about how she had been molested when she was younger so it was kinda weird.
I had one chick down south that I met online that was a straight freak. On her birthday, I showed up to her crib with my homeboy. She had no idea he was coming with me. We both got sucked up and fucked her. She was cool with it, but later told me not to bring the hommie back because he wasn’t packing enough for her. 

Another time, I came by her crib on the late night… We hadn’t fucked in a minute. I fucked her all night, pussy and throat, chocked her, pulled her hair, smacked her ass till it showed hand prints. I wrote a cum tally on her ass cheeks, ONe side said Slut, the other said my name. And the craziest part is, I got up and said I had to piss, she follows me, hops in the tub and says piss in her mouth and on her. I got pictures of it all.

Feel fee to send your questions to:



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